Houda Chedid: Lake Forest Realtor and North Shore resident.

Houda's strong professional ethics, sound planning and strong negotiation skills have helped her to keep a high level of client satisfaction. Houda strives on making the process of buying and selling a comfortable and quick experience for her clients.

from K.H.
Thank you so much for everything. You are a wonderful friend & business woman. I love you dearly. We'll send as much business as we can your way.
from A.B., MD
Houda is a most effective real estate agent who helped me in a major way during my relocation from the University of Michigan to the Chicago Medical School.
from J.C.
Houda has advised me on several prospective real estate acquisitions and helped arrange the sale of my present residence. I trust her business judgement and have found her to be of the highest level of personal integrity.
from R.H.
I was impressed with Houda's efficiency that I have used her on many occasions subsequently. Houda has helped many of my recruits to obtain housing over a wide range of prices. I would recommend Houda without hesitation or reservation.
from R.B.
During the latter half of last year, my wife and I hired Mrs. Houda Chedid as our broker for the purchase of our home in Lake Forest, IL. Mrs. Chedid is very knowledgeable regarding the North Shore residential market. At all times, Houda conducted herself in a very professional and competent manner. I would recommend Houda without reservation as real estate broker for North Shore/ Chicago properties.